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Bríean Thistlewick

Name: Bríean Thistlewick
Nickname(s): Bright Blood, Blood
Age: Unknown (Well over a milennia)
DOB: A Spring Child
Arrival Date: September 2013 (V.head)/April 3 2017 (Full Normal)
Company Mold: CP Luts Shiwoo Special
Location: Aislindalie & Elsewhere
Skin Tone: Normal
Hair Colour: Blood Red
Eye Colour: Gold
Customization: Vampire head is on Mirodoll body
Status: With Tyr’h
Occupation: Oultha/Oakebe Fae, Dumerian Vampire
Other: Bríean was a fae-ling, a Child of the Forest. He was lured by his overwhelming curiosity to see what lay beyond the protective borders of his home. The Vampire Lord Sorde, a Duke of Hell, seduced him and turned him, a ploy to assuage his own boredom more than anything else. Angry by what he had become, Bríean spent much time in seclusion learning to overcome his predicament. Now, he bides his time through the ages, doing as he pleases, finding ways to end his own boredom. He has a great hatred for Sorde and endeavors to destroy him in time, even knowing that to do so is nigh impossible.

Bríean’s first love interest is a beautiful woman named Fahaun. She is human, a being fairly new to Bríean at the time, and he falls madly in love with her. She is killed by Sorde out of jealousy and to make Bríean suffer. Years later, Bríean comes across a young man named Tyr’h. Tyr’h makes quick friends with him, being of the lively and congenial sort. Tyr’h helps heal much of the residual pain Bríean continues to feel over the loss of Fahaun. At first, Bríean believes that Tyr’h is Fahaun reborn, but he does not want to transfer his feelings from Fahaun to Tyr’h. Then Amira appears and Bríean knows that Tyr’h is definitely not his former lover. He is then torn between his deep feelings for Tyr’h and his undying love for Fahaun, now Amira.