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Tag Archives: 1/6

Impulse Buying, Bad Tas!

Impulse buying a new head while feeling sickly may not be the best idea, lol, but too late, rawr!  Stumbled on a cute Volks F-09 modded head in DoA’s marketplace and just got suckered right into the little thing.  Couldn’t help myself!  Would you believe I am now an official Volks owner?  Scandalous!  I think […]

Twitter Set, FTW~

My HDF Twitter set arrived today, and I’m so pleased!  The cutesy pants were just too tight for Corshier’s big booty, so Abby gets them instead~  The shirt, however… omgoodness!  I’m in love!  And the seller gave me some free YOSD sized clothes, so I now have some new outfits to play with for my […]

Svar Is Home!!!!

Today, Svar arrived in the mail!  This morning the tracking number updated and the package zipped from NYC to my town in a flash!   I was so excited, but had to take my dad to a doctor’s appointment, so couldn’t be here to receive him. My mother stayed behind and waited for him.  She said […]