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Oh, My Indar’e!

You read that right!  If you know me personally, then you would know how hard I’ve fought to find Kah’zril’s lovely twin sister!  Last week, on a lark, I decided to make a new WTB thread at DoA.  Now, I have done this before, but with no luck.  Matter of fact, each time someone showed […]

Impulse Buying, Bad Tas!

Impulse buying a new head while feeling sickly may not be the best idea, lol, but too late, rawr!  Stumbled on a cute Volks F-09 modded head in DoA’s marketplace and just got suckered right into the little thing.  Couldn’t help myself!  Would you believe I am now an official Volks owner?  Scandalous!  I think […]

Mirodoll Layaway and Alice Collections Dress

On the exciting front, I paid my Mirodoll layaway off!  That means not only is my 60cm female body for Jacera soon to come home, but my mother’s 1/4 Lili will be here, too!!!  I can’t wait until they get here.  However, my poor mother will have to wait a bit for faceup, eyes, wig, […]