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Experiments in De-Yellowing

So, got around to working on Kah’zzeh a bit.  I wiped his faceup and came to terms with just how yellowed he has gotten. The sealant was crazy yellow, so just removing that did wonders.  Beside Indar’e he looked like a yellow alien!

Oh, My Indar’e!

You read that right!  If you know me personally, then you would know how hard I’ve fought to find Kah’zril’s lovely twin sister!  Last week, on a lark, I decided to make a new WTB thread at DoA.  Now, I have done this before, but with no luck.  Matter of fact, each time someone showed […]

New Dollzone 1/3 Megi

Quite by surprise, today I read the news about Dollzone‘s new Spring Event.  Among the details for the event was the news of a new 1/3 version of their 1/4 Megi, a counterpart to the 1/3 Mo they released several years ago.  Of course, this news quite tickled my fancy, so I set about looking […]