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Quick Update – 02.09.17

Giving a quick update on a few things. Finished paying off a layaway for a Volks MSD boy body.  It’s the long-legged version and was a perfect find for Caetahn.  Kinda exciting having a dolly full put together so easy like that!  It’s from 2003 and yellowed, so a perfect option for my 2004 F-09 […]

Impulse Buying, Bad Tas!

Impulse buying a new head while feeling sickly may not be the best idea, lol, but too late, rawr!  Stumbled on a cute Volks F-09 modded head in DoA’s marketplace and just got suckered right into the little thing.  Couldn’t help myself!  Would you believe I am now an official Volks owner?  Scandalous!  I think […]

New Horizons, Yay!

Work’s been keeping me busy, so haven’t had much time for dollieh things. However, there’s been some awesome new items come in!!! I participated in the Volks big clearance sale and got a TON of amazing items. A few I really, really wanted, too! And then, today, I finally got two faceups on my list […]