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Tag Archives: Volks

Impulse Buying, Bad Tas!

Impulse buying a new head while feeling sickly may not be the best idea, lol, but too late, rawr!  Stumbled on a cute Volks F-09 modded head in DoA’s marketplace and just got suckered right into the little thing.  Couldn’t help myself!  Would you believe I am now an official Volks owner?  Scandalous!  I think […]

New Horizons, Yay!

Work’s been keeping me busy, so haven’t had much time for dollieh things. However, there’s been some awesome new items come in!!! I participated in the Volks big clearance sale and got a TON of amazing items. A few I really, really wanted, too! And then, today, I finally got two faceups on my list […]

Oh, My Saints!

An amazing acquirement!  I got not one, not two, but three Saint face plates!  Already bought, in the mail, and arrived at my door step!  My Annette should be here Tuesday, but the Saints arrived first!!!  I’m so excited~  This means I now have two BJDs knocked off my wishlist!!!  I’m beside myself, heee! Saint […]