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House Cleaning Commences

As promised, though months later, I have begun the painful process of renaming gallery folders to assist with a cleaner organization within NextGen. I also have begun uploading a number of gallery images that have been sitting on my hard drive moldering. I’ve uploaded a dozen galleries, so there’s tons of new stuff to be […]

Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Been several months since the last update, but have been super busy! My whole family moved out of a house we had been in for nearly 13 years to a new house several states away! Trying to transfer from my current job and not having much luck, so also doing hardcore job hunting in the […]

Site Updates – 2018 June 13

Just a quick update: Fleshed out several more profiles and working on uploading more.  Have already been making gallery pages and uploading photos in the background for the past month.  Should have more soon.  Also have been working on more profile thumbnails and photos, so hopefully that will be ready shortly!  Also made more progress […]