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A little check-in

Yep, I’m still alive.  Still on hiatus due to the injury, extended even more by the holidays!  Ah well~  It’s after the first of the year now, so here’s to an action packed start!  Waiting on an order from JetPens for some more supplies to finish a few projects.  Tried to purchase some Alpaca wool […]

Bella Auden Is Ordered!

I’m back from a very unexpected hiatus. Real life intervenes and always takes precedence over hobbies… but I seem to be back and in timely fashion, too! Just in time to take advantage of Dollmore’s free shipping during the month of February event! I ordered a Bella Auden head in the sales corner, only wishing […]

Profile Pictures

Profile pictures are up for almost all the characters now! I finally got around to making images from my sketches. Some are colored, and the ones that are not are currently in the process of being colored… so colored versions of them will be up eventually. Still, it’s so lovely having images up finally! Also, […]