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Mirodoll Bodies Have Arrived!

My package finally came yesterday!  I had a doctors appointment and hadn’t been feeling good, so no postings until today.  Took photos, but need to get them on my comp and sommat edited before upload.  But excited and happy!  Had issues, but at least things are in hand.  No samples, though.  =sighs=  Jacera’s head is […]

Mirodoll Layaway and Alice Collections Dress

On the exciting front, I paid my Mirodoll layaway off!  That means not only is my 60cm female body for Jacera soon to come home, but my mother’s 1/4 Lili will be here, too!!!  I can’t wait until they get here.  However, my poor mother will have to wait a bit for faceup, eyes, wig, […]


So late posting! Chiaru is fitting right in at home… in his box! =cries= Been severely sick and had been taking antibiotics, so everything has been sitting around waiting on me. Nicer, warmer weather now, so hopefully when I’m feeling better I can finish up some faceups and start the new ones~ In the meantime, […]