Ends of Fate

Tell me it's true, the thing I fear… it's you~

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Tales From Aislindalie

These stories are mostly for my own amusement, but also for yours if you so wish it. There is a mixture of text, drawings, and photography that make up the various stories. To help denote what each is, I have created a bullet system, as seen below. Stories are broken up by Story Lines, although all stories pretty much take place on the world of Aislindalie. Also, all stories are either done by me, Tasia, or either of my siblings: PrincessKitteh Rayne and Katarera. Stories will be credited to one of us, or all of us if the case may be. ^_~


= Text Story
= Illustration/Photo Accompanied Text Story
= Illustration/Photo Story



About Aislindalie & The Ends of Fate ::Read::

The Harbingers:

Included Characters: Remiel | Bael | Viéve | Kor | Zaedyn
The Beginning ::Read::
 Poison Rains Part 1 | Part 2


Included Characters: Kor | Zaedyn
If I Gave You Tomorrow  Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

Guardian’s of Time: The Lan’feh’s:

Included Characters: Kah’zril | Indar’e | Corshier | Beylin | Timir
2012 Summer Swap with PaladinAri ::Read::

The Withering [tent.title]:

Included Characters: Bríean | Tyr’h | Sorde | Fahaun/Amira
Call of Night Part 1 | Part 2
Black Tears Part 1 | Part 2

Essence of Dust:

Included Characters: Jacera | Jerushe | Svar | Meron | Eylyn | Laeghan | Khida | Pol | Chiaru
Essential Pains Part 1 | Part 2