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Quest for the Ultimate Grail

A lot has been going on for me the last few weeks.  So much so that posting about the most important arrival to the Ends of Fate crew had to take a firm back seat.  Today, I finally had some time to sit down and let you all know about the most wondrous event that […]

Pictures, finally!

So, now that the camera has been located, I’ve simply been trying to find time to actually take some good photographs.  It’s been rainy and over-cast here, and I keep missing what light we have had due to working third shift, lol.  I did get a few decent pictures taken of the new stuffs that […]

Bríean Is Home!

You read that right.  After all these years… I’ve finally got the first portion of Bríean home at last!!!  I do certainly believe this constitutes as a “grail” doll!!!  I stumbled on a sales thread at the DoA Market Place for a normal skin CP Shiwoo Vampire head.  This head has been somewhat elusive since […]