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Some Catching Up

A little behind in posts.  Okay.  More than a little!  But been doing quite a bit of recovery, so been prioritizing!  In the meantime, I’ve received quite a few things, purchased quite a few things, and have quite an awesome announcement… at least for me~ So, from the top: I bought two sets of dress […]

Fibers, alive, alive-o~

Popping in for a smallish update. I still haven’t had a chance to take photos of all the new goodies around here, but I have been slowly working on processing a new batch of alpaca fibers I received last week. I ordered another round of fibers from WoollyDelight seeing as how my first order was […]

Clothes and Face-ups and a Head, Oh MY!

I finally got around to getting pictures taken of the face-ups, although, they were taken at night with my horrible night lighting. I have SERIOUSLY got to stop taking photos at night unless I get a proper lighting setup. But yes, face-up pictures finally! I also took some much needed pics of clothing items I […]