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Yvaarh Is Here!

Today, completely unexpected, Yvaarh arrived in the mail!  My Dollmore Bella Auden is officially here, and my biggest problem is… decided whether it will be female or male!  I haven’t ever seen a male Bella Auden, and I have a strong suspicion I’m leaning quite heavily in that direction.  Uniquely, I have a name for […]

New Horizons, Yay!

Work’s been keeping me busy, so haven’t had much time for dollieh things. However, there’s been some awesome new items come in!!! I participated in the Volks big clearance sale and got a TON of amazing items. A few I really, really wanted, too! And then, today, I finally got two faceups on my list […]

Somebody Stop Me!~

Last week I put in an order for something I’ve wanted for quite awhile.  Which is pretty much the same for all my previous purchases, lol!  I’ve had to wait a looong week for it to even be shipped, it being a pre-order and all, but sometime soon a Pullip MIO kit will be heading […]