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Dollmore Feetsies!

My pair of Dollmore heeled feet arrived today… and they are SUPER cute!  They’re simply gorgeous… and unfortunately…. the S-hook that comes with my Mirodoll body doesn’t fit!  Nyuuuuuu~  T_T  So, of course, back to Dollmore to order some S-hooks.  =le sigh=  In the meantime, I get to longingly gaze upon them as they sit […]

Some Catching Up

A little behind in posts.  Okay.  More than a little!  But been doing quite a bit of recovery, so been prioritizing!  In the meantime, I’ve received quite a few things, purchased quite a few things, and have quite an awesome announcement… at least for me~ So, from the top: I bought two sets of dress […]

Update Bundle

Been awhile since my last update.  I had surgery back in October, so a lot of things have been on hold.  I’ve had some things come in, but haven’t been able to show them off yet. My MUCH longed for and sought after Lilycat Cerisedolls Lyse has arrived!  GORGEOUS and beautiful!  The Pink Tan is […]