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My Two Frankie’s

So,  they’re here!  I’m so happy to finally have these two for my collection.  These are ones I wanted to display without customizing, although after having them in hand now, the Original Frankie release will have to be repainted. T_T  Skull Shores Frankie will be fine and dandy with a clean up on her thighs, […]

And The Verdict Is…

Packages have all arrived now!  Haven’t had a chance to post due to work, but remedying that now~  Wigs came in on Thursday/Friday Lilis Liv came in on Saturday MSC came in on Monday Yay!  One more package coming in soon, a pair of DM doll girl shoes, and will be ordering some new things, […]

Bríean Is Home!

You read that right.  After all these years… I’ve finally got the first portion of Bríean home at last!!!  I do certainly believe this constitutes as a “grail” doll!!!  I stumbled on a sales thread at the DoA Market Place for a normal skin CP Shiwoo Vampire head.  This head has been somewhat elusive since […]