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Tag Archives: Sculpting

Svar…? Svar!!!!

In a completely random twist of fate… Svar will be coming home!!!  I periodically search for listings of just a Bambicrony Vin head, but never have any success, or he’s always in the wrong color.  Usually, if he IS listed, he’s also always a full doll… in the wrong color, haha.  Floral white is a […]

Grame’s Headback Commences

The work on Grame’s headback has begun.  Grame is a Dollshe Saint, but I also have two more unplanned faceplates that this headback will be perfect for as well!  Still no sandpaper yet for Inathé’s headback, though.  Stage one of Grame’s has been placed in the oven and I wait anxiously patiently for it to […]

Headback Wonders

I have finally gotten around to beginning the construction of a head back for my Unoa Lusis faceplate.  I’m having to work on it in stages, but so far the main construction is complete!  What’s left is re-building the neck joint, then overall refining.  That is literally it!  I did most of the work today, […]