Ends of Fate

Tell me it's true, the thing I fear… it's you~

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EoF Wishlist:

Sumeragi Subaru – Undecided, either: BNBDOLL Soman OR CP Ethan OR CP Annette
Tsuzuki Asato, Harry , Tayin, Lilanu, Phelbe – May convert these to dollies.
Symmea – Tent. Supia Roda (or I will sculpt)

BJD Molds I’m Considering:
Just those that pass my fancy or are in heavy contemplation. Basically, this is a place-holder for myself until I have made a solid decision on a mold for a character or am 100% certain that it will be added to my Purchase List, lol!~

Switch Soseo
Little Monica Chloe (head here)
Doll Chateau Zora
IH EID Asa // IH EID Carina – Lt. Brown // IH EID Bichun – Lt. Brown
Souldoll Kagel // Souldoll Chiron Human ver. // Souldoll H.C Yurr (Adult Kah’z/Indare?!)
Parabox/Obitsu Gretel
Elf Chiwoo
[FFD] Sabik Elf
Little Monica Dyuke
Crobidoll Yeon-ho
FeePle65 Chloe Elf Basic
Transcend B
MD Shoshon // Wolf the Knight //MD Ai OR MD Glati
Peakswood Hucky
Volks Yo-SD Kakeru/Chika // Volks Yo-SD Piccolo
PoPo Doll Hu Po // PoPo Doll Kong || PoPo Doll Amber // PoPo Doll Kong // PoPo Doll Zisu (looks like adult Unoa)
Doll Leaves Baily (or Noir)
Only Doll YouBai
SQ-LabsHaruka // Yukari // Tachibana
Lillycat Cerisedoll’s Ombre
Lillycat Ombre – Caramel
BeYours Primula Malacoides
BeYours YeRong
Leekeworld Ange
Lumedoll Meissa
Soul Doll Oscal
Soul Doll Paratiisi
Pygmalion Dolls
Spirit Doll Thuja
AiL Bertram – (An Angel)
Granado Uranus
Granado Neptune
Granado Xavier? (El replacement?)
La Legende de Temps – Roderich
La Legende de Temps – Neil
Impldoll Lydia


Random Considerations:
Angel Philia – Ran
I – (Ida)
Smart Doll – Ebony Futaba