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He’s here, he’s here!!! My bratty, self-absorbed, conceited equine boy is home!  Pictures came out really grainy, but oh well~  As soon as that CP Rona head was in my hands, I knew it was perfect!  Rona looks so much like my artwork of Chiaru that I’ve always been amazed by it, but having it […]

Juri, Rona, and Alpaca… Oh, My!

My Raw Suri Alpaca came in the mail today, yay!  So excited, but no time to play… nyuu~  Sorde, the Juri-A head, is officially in the mail and on his way to me.  I believe he’s in US customs now, and boy, I can’t seem to wait!  A beautiful pashmina scarf I bought is also […]

Sorde…. Oh, My, Sorde!

I’m so excited!  Another lucky find, a few days later, and one of my long-time-waited-for boys will be coming home!  Sorde, who’s slipped through my fingers a few times, popped up at a most unsuspected moment and is now mine!  He’s paid for and ships tomorrow and omgoodness, I’m just beyond excited! He will be […]