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Some Catching Up

A little behind in posts.  Okay.  More than a little!  But been doing quite a bit of recovery, so been prioritizing!  In the meantime, I’ve received quite a few things, purchased quite a few things, and have quite an awesome announcement… at least for me~ So, from the top: I bought two sets of dress […]

Taeyang MIO Kit Arrival with Pullip & Unoa Preview~

My Taeyang arrived yesterday!  I was just a tad worried when I saw that his nose had poked through his packaging sometime in transit, but there was no damage and that’s all that matters.  So I took a few quick snap shots before taking him out and putting him together.  I took the opportunity to […]

Somebody Stop Me!~

Last week I put in an order for something I’ve wanted for quite awhile.  Which is pretty much the same for all my previous purchases, lol!  I’ve had to wait a looong week for it to even be shipped, it being a pre-order and all, but sometime soon a Pullip MIO kit will be heading […]