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Welcome to Ends of Fate, my nefarious, catch-all, doll-inspired, story site of D00M!

Collected here is everything you ever wanted to know (or didn’t want to know) of my world named Aislindalie and its inhabitants. Here you will find stories, photographs, and character profiles, as well as anything else I feel like tossing up here. Please do not re-post any of these images as your own or claim they belong to you.  I do allow re-posting for blogging and the like.  (Please ask permission for other use.  I promise I don’t bite!)  All characters, stories, and images are © TasiaChiba, PrincessKitteh Rayne, or Katarera, unless otherwise stated.  Please enjoy what’s here!

Loongsoul White Dragon Baidi

A quick stroll through Loongsoul’s website left me stunned by a few of the fantasy characters I had previously never seen. And, as would happen, I fell hardcore for their White Dragon Baidi, human version.

I honestly would put an order in right now for the head alone, but I am still on a doll freeze. I’ll have to play the waiting luck game until I can officially order one.

Baidi (human) has such a soft, effeminate expression. He looks stately and regal and would be perfect for one of my angelic characters. (The angels are still outnumbered by the demons at this point!)

While the fullset is stunningly gorgeous, and the Dragon version of Baidi is drool worthy, I think I’ll be happy with this simple human version!

Loongsoul also offers hand parts that are to die for! I will definitely be adding several pairs to my cache in the future.

While this is not exactly a review, this is my quick run-down fan-gushing over some gorgeous hunk of resin~

Feature: AB Aeterno Aesthetics – DIY Neck Donut

I do a lot of trawling around the internet looking for interesting and unique tutorials, customizations, styles, etc. It’s a thing I enjoy~ However, I have been remiss in not sharing some of the more amazing finds here at EoF. In the first of a continuing theme of features, I have an amazing neck donut tutorial from Asileh Backwards/Aeterno Aesthetics.

While the tutorial itself is simple and direct, Asileh Backwards makes sure it is loaded with clear images and helpful tips. Asileh is also a very accomplished faceup and modifications artist. Their Instagram and Flickr is filled with gorgeous examples of their talent. I highly recommend checking more of their work out!

For the tutorial, please follow along to Asileh’s blog here: Ab Aeterno: Tutorial: DIY neck donut for hybrid dolls

For more Asileh Backwards/Aeterno Aesthetics goody goodness, please check out some of their other accounts!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Been several months since the last update, but have been super busy! My whole family moved out of a house we had been in for nearly 13 years to a new house several states away! Trying to transfer from my current job and not having much luck, so also doing hardcore job hunting in the meantime.

Suffice to say, BJD things have been put on hold. I did, however, find some time to edit photos that need to be uploaded for the galleries. All my original Photoshop Actions are on a harddrive I can’t currently access, so I took a bit of time to recreate my site logo and set up some quick actions to autobatch my huge backload of photos.

In other words, new gallery photos soon!

Some months back I did also work on site layout and coding updates. There are a number of edits needing to be made that I haven’t had a chance to deploy to the core active layout. With WordPress’s new Gutenberg update, I’m going to have to find time to sit down and really hash out any bugs. Hopefully that will be all done soon.