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Welcome to Ends of Fate, my nefarious, catch-all, doll-inspired, story site of D00M!

Collected here is everything you ever wanted to know (or didn’t want to know) of my world named Aislindalie and its inhabitants. Here you will find stories, photographs, and character profiles, as well as anything else I feel like tossing up here. Please do not re-post any of these images as your own or claim they belong to you.  I do allow re-posting for blogging and the like.  (Please ask permission for other use.  I promise I don’t bite!)  All characters, stories, and images are © TasiaChiba, PrincessKitteh Rayne, or Katarera, unless otherwise stated.  Please enjoy what’s here!

Pukifee Headcap

Still have lots of photos to upload, but worked today on making a head back for the Pukifee in the house.  I don’t have a Pukifee sized body on hand, so the neckhole is sized for obitsu/azone.  It shouldn’t be too hard to rework it later for any other body I get.  For now, loving these Obitsu and Azone hybrids!!  

Not done working on it, but I have a working headback.  Just need to refine the joint areas then smooth out and sand rough areas.  Otherwise, it’s working perfect already!  I even have silicone and resin to try my hand at casting… and guess what the first project is?  Hehe!

Hum Diddle-de-de!

Getting behind in updates still, but lots of things IRL needing to come first. So, here’s a quick update!

  • Manon is home! *__*
  • Ordered a Youpla’s Dolls Ziya
  • Bought a Bambicrony Charity for the body to give to Svar… mom now owns the head and the Leeke D body, lol
  • Bought a Pukifee Nanuri 2016 faceplate
  • Ordered more 1/6 shoes, yay!

Probably more to add but can’t think of it atm!

I’m also working on some scarves for Etsy… we shall see how it goes. Yay!!

To surmise… or how I got behind!

So, June ended up being white the busy month!!!  I had a few posts needing to be made, but IRL has been waaay busy.  So, you g to make this another quick run down.  I have things planned for some reviews just need to edit photos and take some more for a few posts.  

  • My Mirodoll order finally arrived!  Everything is stellar!  Remiel fits the 61cm  body, but I like the bulk of the 66cm more, so giving the body to…. Chiaru! It’s perfect for his character!  And dark chocolate Iris is gorgeous!
  • Olathe is paid off and should be shipped soon!  So excited!
  • Manon has one more payment ~
  • I found a well priced Bernard faceplate today.  The faceup perfectly matches Merit so I have decided he shall be her brother!  Love Insta inspiration, lol. He’s already in the mail.
  • Got my own Obitsu v2 24cm body, two 1/6 heads I’ve always wanted, a Hujoo Berry finally! 
  • Bought two more 1/3 delf neck connectors from Shapeways as well as two 1/4 minifee and a cute sandstone BJD .  Reviews I  the works for all three.
  • Heads undergoing faceup are all blushed and just need time start painting!  Darn all this rain.  Lol.  >_<

Annnd that should catch me up for today!!!
And a final happy birthday to Kah’z bebbeh! 10 years of love~ ???