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Holy Smokes, Batman! Is that a 5mm Wire-wrapped Gem?!

I totally Wire-wrapped a 5mm Lapis Lazuli gemstone chip! That stone was so tiny, and my nails have grown out way too far and kept getting in the way… but I totally did it! I used the cheap aluminum Dritz wire I picked up that’s perfect for experimenting with and it looks good… really good! […]

So Many Arrivals! & Purchases~

May was a busy month and it hasn’t slowed down coming into June.  There were a number of purchases made and several layaways for long desired items! From the top: Unbelievably, an Esthy Peroth fell into my hands. Years I have longed for him and put him on the wishlist of things I will never […]

Shapeways CP-Fairyland Neck Connector Review

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a listing for a 3d printed CP-Fairyland neck connector on Shapeways.  This is an independently designed connector piece compatible with old CP Delfs and new Fairyland headsculpts.  It was relatively inexpensive at around $8 and some change, so I decided to purchase one and give it a go.  […]