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Bah, Burried By Dollies!

So… decided I had best give a quick update!  in less than a week, much has happened and things have come in!  No pictures for now – they need to be edited.  Also, my camera’s going out T_T First things first:  Kah’z!  I sat down and sanded his head lightly!  He already looks sooo much […]

Twitter Set, FTW~

My HDF Twitter set arrived today, and I’m so pleased!  The cutesy pants were just too tight for Corshier’s big booty, so Abby gets them instead~  The shirt, however… omgoodness!  I’m in love!  And the seller gave me some free YOSD sized clothes, so I now have some new outfits to play with for my […]


Okay, so, I totally couldn’t help myself! >_< A cute, little outfit that I’m certain Corshier will steal right away will be coming home to me soon~ The Luts Honey Delf Twitter set is so super adorable!  And at a steal~   Can’t wait until it gets here! Aaaand, should be making my first full MiroDoll […]