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Taeyang MIO Kit Arrival with Pullip & Unoa Preview~

My Taeyang arrived yesterday!  I was just a tad worried when I saw that his nose had poked through his packaging sometime in transit, but there was no damage and that’s all that matters.  So I took a few quick snap shots before taking him out and putting him together.  I took the opportunity to […]

Taeyang MIO

I went ahead and put in for a Taeyang MIO kit purchase from PullipStyle.  He should be here tomorrow, yay!  And made the second and final payment for my Anotherspace Leeke hybrid tiny.  He should be here Monday, I can’t wait~  All for now. ^_^

Pullip MIO kit Here!

Two days ago my Pullip MIO kits finally arrived!  And, of course, Pullip Style now has the Taeyang MIO kit available, lol!  Isul and Dal are up as well~  Ah well, all in good time. One of the kits is for me and the other is one of several for family members.  Not sure who […]