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Feature: AB Aeterno Aesthetics – DIY Neck Donut

I do a lot of trawling around the internet looking for interesting and unique tutorials, customizations, styles, etc. It’s a thing I enjoy~ However, I have been remiss in not sharing some of the more amazing finds here at EoF. In the first of a continuing theme of features, I have an amazing neck donut […]

Apoxie Sculpt Tinting Experiment 001

Cross-posting this from DoA.  Thought I should probably share here, hehe!  There was a small discussion about tinting Apoxie Sculpt to match resin colors.  Talking about the acrylic inks made me curious… so I did an Apoxie tinting comparison test, lol! From left to right: Liquitex Basics – Burnt Sienna Liquitex Heavy Body – Quinacridone […]

New Haul or Bael Has a Shirt

I recently made two separate purchases. Last week as a matter of fact. From one seller I purchased two very much needed t-shirts and a gorgeous pair of black sparkly heeled shoes. From the other I purchased a pair of Soom Mecha Angel hands. They both arrived this morning! Firstly, the Soom hands. They’re so […]