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Tag Archives: Modifications

Bah, Burried By Dollies!

So… decided I had best give a quick update!  in less than a week, much has happened and things have come in!  No pictures for now – they need to be edited.  Also, my camera’s going out T_T First things first:  Kah’z!  I sat down and sanded his head lightly!  He already looks sooo much […]

Karsh Is Here!

On Monday my Fairy Land Minifee Karsh project head arrived!  He was so much more lovelier in person than I expected.  I’ve loved the Karsh mold ever since he was released, but wasn’t sure I’d ever have one.  Well, the uncertainty is over, lol! He is a project head.  He’s had some work done on […]

Photos of New Stuff & Frankie Hybridization

I finally got around to taking a snap shot of the items I received from Shinku_Rhapsody  back last month, the ones that arrived on Christmas Day!  It’s just one picture, but I took it on the doll couch.  Of course, little miss spot-stealer Corshier made sure to make it into the photo…  That’s her corner […]