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Flow-Aid Failz

I recently made a discovery… the Liquitex Flow-Aid I bought years ago and thought I was just incompetent in using… was a dud!  Two days ago I made a trip to Michaels and bought a new bottle of Flow-Aid plus a bottle of Golden glazing medium (gloss).  I didn’t really feel all that confident purchasing […]

Oh, My Indar’e!

You read that right!  If you know me personally, then you would know how hard I’ve fought to find Kah’zril’s lovely twin sister!  Last week, on a lark, I decided to make a new WTB thread at DoA.  Now, I have done this before, but with no luck.  Matter of fact, each time someone showed […]

Wig Experiments Commence

Yesterday, I began my first foundling steps into the world of raw alpaca fiber to finished wig. Some time back I purchased a bundle of raw suri alpaca.  Afterwards, I had gotten sick and later I just simply hadn’t gotten around to messing with it.  Finally, I sat down and slowly, meticulously, pieced out the […]