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New Dollzone 1/3 Megi

Quite by surprise, today I read the news about Dollzone‘s new Spring Event.  Among the details for the event was the news of a new 1/3 version of their 1/4 Megi, a counterpart to the 1/3 Mo they released several years ago.  Of course, this news quite tickled my fancy, so I set about looking […]

Uh, oh~! The wishlist has just grown!

So, during my dolly hiatus, I missed a few new sculpts that came out. No biggie, the ones I’ve seen so far haven’t really caught my eye. Then the other day BJDCollectasy posted that the company April Story had announced their January releases. Well, seeing as I hadn’t checked them out before, I made my way to their store to peruse their wares. Oh me, oh my! What gorgeous cuties awaited me!