Ends of Fate

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Profiles for the World of Aislindalie:

Pretty much self explanatory here.  Each of the stories take place within the same “world” known as Aislindalie.  However,  several of the characters are able to travel inter-dimensionally.  Time is also irrelevant and anything can happen.  Just so you know. ^_~

The listed doll/figure collections are representation of characters from this story series and I may or may not purchase/make dolls for all characters.

The Lan’feh’s:

Xamaethaelion Phe’h – Cerisedolls Manon
Unnamed – Youpla Doll’s Ziya (She’s refusing to tell me her name!)

The Harbingers:

Bael – IH Claude
Kor – Switch Haseo
Viéve – Supia Rosy
Alon – LLT Roderich – [Alon or Feijaan (tent.)]
Graeme/Grahime – Dollshe Saint (New)

The Withering:

Tyr’h – CP El
Sorde – CP Juri A

Essence of Dust:

Tel’limah – EoF Sculpt
Inathé – Alchemic Labo Unoa Lusis
Fresante – Doll Family-A Zi Luo
Abrethine – Anotherspace Rolly Dolly Yellow / ResinSoul Ni Body hybrid
Rujier – Fairyland Minifeé Karsh
Yvaarh – Dollmore Model Bella Auden
Caetahn – Volks MSD F-09
Shizuou – Luts SDF Howl
Lil’ Bit – FL Realpuki Soso
Tennebre Miel – Cerisedolls Lyse
Thayne Barch’elle – DS Bernard
Onalah – Mirodoll Iris
Zaedyn – Esthy Peroth
Aponeh – MDR Olathe
Unnamed – Mirodoll Lili
Unnamed – DC Damara
Unnamed – FL Realpuki Soso
Unnamed – FL Realfee Bisou
Unnamed – FL Realfee Halloween 2k14
Unnamed – Unoa Lusis
Unnamed – Unoa Sist
Unnamed – Unoa L-Bi

Sadako – EoF Corshier

Non-BJD EoF Characters:
Chethum Pullip MIO kit – Duchess of the Alter-Spurrig
Weizon Taeyang MIO kit – Elm-Gatherer
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