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House Cleaning Commences

As promised, though months later, I have begun the painful process of renaming gallery folders to assist with a cleaner organization within NextGen. I also have begun uploading a number of gallery images that have been sitting on my hard drive moldering. I’ve uploaded a dozen galleries, so there’s tons of new stuff to be […]

Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Been several months since the last update, but have been super busy! My whole family moved out of a house we had been in for nearly 13 years to a new house several states away! Trying to transfer from my current job and not having much luck, so also doing hardcore job hunting in the […]

Holy Smokes, Batman! Is that a 5mm Wire-wrapped Gem?!

I totally Wire-wrapped a 5mm Lapis Lazuli gemstone chip! That stone was so tiny, and my nails have grown out way too far and kept getting in the way… but I totally did it! I used the cheap aluminum Dritz wire I picked up that’s perfect for experimenting with and it looks good… really good! […]

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