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Doll Chateau Damara… say whaaa?

Had a LOVELY dolleh meetup Saturday!  We had us a Shiwoo meet in the midst as well!  Briean was surrounded by so many lovelies it was wonderful~  Bought a few trinkets here and there, such as a cute 1/6 yo-sized pinnafore that Abby is currently sporting.  There’s a gorgeous white lace dress either for Monster […]

Quick Update – 02.09.17

Giving a quick update on a few things. Finished paying off a layaway for a Volks MSD boy body.  It’s the long-legged version and was a perfect find for Caetahn.  Kinda exciting having a dolly full put together so easy like that!  It’s from 2003 and yellowed, so a perfect option for my 2004 F-09 […]

Fibers, alive, alive-o~

Popping in for a smallish update. I still haven’t had a chance to take photos of all the new goodies around here, but I have been slowly working on processing a new batch of alpaca fibers I received last week. I ordered another round of fibers from WoollyDelight seeing as how my first order was […]