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Fibers, alive, alive-o~

Popping in for a smallish update. I still haven’t had a chance to take photos of all the new goodies around here, but I have been slowly working on processing a new batch of alpaca fibers I received last week. I ordered another round of fibers from WoollyDelight seeing as how my first order was […]

Fibers From Wooly Delight

My suri alpaca wool fiber package from Wooly Delight on Etsy arrived today.  I wasn’t expecting it until tomorrow, but it showed up today!  The packaging was, well, okay.  Although I did slice into the fibers cutting it open, and I’m crazy careful! O_O  Either way, package is opened and fibers freed!  And oh, my, […]

Impulse Buying, Bad Tas!

Impulse buying a new head while feeling sickly may not be the best idea, lol, but too late, rawr!  Stumbled on a cute Volks F-09 modded head in DoA’s marketplace and just got suckered right into the little thing.  Couldn’t help myself!  Would you believe I am now an official Volks owner?  Scandalous!  I think […]