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Holy Smokes, Batman! Is that a 5mm Wire-wrapped Gem?!

I totally Wire-wrapped a 5mm Lapis Lazuli gemstone chip! That stone was so tiny, and my nails have grown out way too far and kept getting in the way… but I totally did it! I used the cheap aluminum Dritz wire I picked up that’s perfect for experimenting with and it looks good… really good! […]

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Apoxie Sculpt Tinting Experiment 001

Cross-posting this from DoA.  Thought I should probably share here, hehe!  There was a small discussion about tinting Apoxie Sculpt to match resin colors.  Talking about the acrylic inks made me curious… so I did an Apoxie tinting comparison test, lol! From left to right: Liquitex Basics – Burnt Sienna Liquitex Heavy Body – Quinacridone […]

Quick Update – 02.09.17

Giving a quick update on a few things. Finished paying off a layaway for a Volks MSD boy body.  It’s the long-legged version and was a perfect find for Caetahn.  Kinda exciting having a dolly full put together so easy like that!  It’s from 2003 and yellowed, so a perfect option for my 2004 F-09 […]

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