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Category Archives: Dollz

Fairyland… Why you do dis to me?

Message for Fairyland:… your release of Ria has created an upheaval in my soul!  Long have I waited for a Delf Miyu for my darling Fahaun/Amira… knowing, knowing, I would have difficulties obtaining her.. yet I waited.  And waited.  And just when it seems I may finally have one in my posession… I see Ria!  […]

New Project: Hemp Gemstone Jewelry!

So, not like I don’t have a lot of projects on my plate, but I recently got inspired to do a series of necklaces to offer on Etsy. My shop has been idling since I haven’t had time to make new things to sell. My recent foray into acquiring some new gemstones for my own […]

Plans: Pocahontas!

For some time now I have been making plans to purchase a Pocahontas doll.  While I’m not awfully big on collecting the Disney Princess dolls, I do adore seeing them.  Lately, and probably because I’ve been feeling a need to strengthen my ties to my heritage, I’ve been increasingly drawn to Pocahontas.  Sure, it’s mostly […]