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Loongsoul White Dragon Baidi

A quick stroll through Loongsoul’s website left me stunned by a few of the fantasy characters I had previously never seen. And, as would happen, I fell hardcore for their White Dragon Baidi, human version. I honestly would put an order in right now for the head alone, but I am still on a doll […]

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Feature: AB Aeterno Aesthetics – DIY Neck Donut

I do a lot of trawling around the internet looking for interesting and unique tutorials, customizations, styles, etc. It’s a thing I enjoy~ However, I have been remiss in not sharing some of the more amazing finds here at EoF. In the first of a continuing theme of features, I have an amazing neck donut […]

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Fairyland… Why you do dis to me?

Message for Fairyland:… your release of Ria has created an upheaval in my soul!  Long have I waited for a Delf Miyu for my darling Fahaun/Amira… knowing, knowing, I would have difficulties obtaining her.. yet I waited.  And waited.  And just when it seems I may finally have one in my posession… I see Ria!  […]