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Pol Gets A Little Love

Still working on the jewelry to sell. My store has been out of the silver 24 gauge wire I need for nearly 2 months. The other day I got to go to a different store and luckily scored 2 packs so have been busy playing catchup today! Yesterday I finally glued some beads and whatnots […]

And a new year~

I am months behind in updates, even more behind in photo uploads, but getting there! Lots of things going on IRL and a lot of hobbying being out on the back burner for a little bit, but not altogether. December saw my Youpladolls Ziya come in! Unfortunately, she came in in the wrong color! Youpla […]

Pukifee Headcap

Still have lots of photos to upload, but worked today on making a head back for the Pukifee in the house.  I don’t have a Pukifee sized body on hand, so the neckhole is sized for obitsu/azone.  It shouldn’t be too hard to rework it later for any other body I get.  For now, loving […]