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Ash Blonde-day

So, lots and lots of things have been going on around here lately.  Still waiting on Mirodoll to ship my order.  They said it was ready to ship within the week, but it’s the end of the week now and nothing.  Ah well~  =tries desperately to wait patiently=  When it does ship, Jacera’s shared body […]

Twitter Set, FTW~

My HDF Twitter set arrived today, and I’m so pleased!  The cutesy pants were just too tight for Corshier’s big booty, so Abby gets them instead~  The shirt, however… omgoodness!  I’m in love!  And the seller gave me some free YOSD sized clothes, so I now have some new outfits to play with for my […]


Okay, so, I totally couldn’t help myself! >_< A cute, little outfit that I’m certain Corshier will steal right away will be coming home to me soon~ The Luts Honey Delf Twitter set is so super adorable!  And at a steal~   Can’t wait until it gets here! Aaaand, should be making my first full MiroDoll […]