Ends of Fate

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Chiaru Siont’im

Name: Chiaru Siont’im
Nickname(s): N/A
Age: 22 in appearance
DOB: Unknown
Arrival Date:
Company Mold: FeePle Rona
Location: Asana
Skin Tone: Normal
Hair Colour: Gray-Blue
Eye Colour: Gray-Blue
Customization: Unicorn horn/Wings
Status: N/A
Occupation: Duke
Personality: Arrogant, bratty, and introverted. And oh, so conceited!
Other: Insecure and introverted, he is a loner by nature and hides these traits behind an outwardly arrogant and defensive demeanor. He is otherwise a generous unicorn. He has ankle-length gray-blue hair, same colored eyes, and white wings. He likes to dress flashy and often in very short, Grecian style dress. Really, anything filmy, flimsy, and revealing. He is a son of the Horse Lord, Equus, and brother to Khida. He spends his days seducing and filling the gaps of time in his endless days with court life, politics, and deception… much like all the children of Equus. He is on poor terms with all of his siblings except for Khida, whom he barely tolerates. He trusts no one other than himself and hides this truth by currying favor with those of high status within the court of Asana.