Ends of Fate

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Corshier Lan’feh

Name: Corshier Lan’feh
Nickname(s): None
Age: 10-12
Creation: Constructed from 2007-2012. I worked on her in spurts. The original head, torso, feet, and leg pieces were sculpted from 2007 to 2009 when her head met with an untimely accident. I stored her away for a few years and then came back to her in late 2010 at which point I meticulously pieced her head back together, re-inforced it, and began the process of sculpting arms, finishing knees, and the like. I took another break until late summer 2011 before nearly finishing her up. One more small break while waiting on supplies, then I re-sculpted her arms, knee joints, eye hole, gave her ears, and did over-all sanding in early 2012.
Company Mold: EoF
Location: Sothulle, Aislindalie
Skin Tone: Normal
Hair Colour: Honey Blonde
Eye Colour: Pale Blue-Green [CiG 12mm EM 32]
Customization: Hand Made Doll
Status: Single
Occupation: Princess