Ends of Fate

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Kah’zril Lan’feh

Name: Kah’zril Lan’feh
Nickname(s): Kah’z, Kah’zzie, Kah’zzeh-kun
Age: 17
DOB: March 29th
Arrival Date: July 2007
Company Mold: Doll Zone Megi
Location: Cuevar
Skin Tone: Normal
Hair Colour: White/platinum
Eye Colour: Lavendar grey (blueberry)
Customization: N/A
Status: Single, not looking
Occupation: Prince and Guardian
Likes: Music (he plays a flute), reading, nature walks, (secretly) cross-dressing (a sisterly influence)
Dislikes: Rhubarb, being late, and things squished between his toes.
Personality: Good natured, sweet, compassionate, congenial, tolerant.
Other: Kah’zril is a prince of the Kingdom Sothulle of the House of Lan’feh on the planet Aislindalie. He has a twin sister named Indar’e and an older brother named Beylin. He also has a younger sibling named Corshier. His family are guardians of a secret and live through centuries without dying, however they are mortal and can be killed.