Ends of Fate

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Name: Pol Sclerrarg
Nickname(s): None
Age: 672
Arrival Date: March 28, 2017
Company Mold: Resinsoul Song
Location: Asana
Skin Tone: Coffee
Hair Colour: Black Hair with strands of Red and Gold near the bottom
Eye Colour: Black Sclera & Pupil, Red Iris [CiG ET 05]
Customization: Horns, Tatoos
Status: N/A
Occupation: Draconian
Personality:  Gruff and scrappy.
Other:  Pol is a scrappy runt of a dragon.  He is an orphan and the speculation of his parentage has long been a discussion of gossip.  Because he is a runt and has always been teased for being so, he often initiates fights he knows he cannot win.  He is covered in scars that he is not afraid to show off. 

Pol happens to meet Khida, the youngest daughter of Equus, the Horse Lord, and falls in love with her.  In their first meeting she is kind to him even though he is rude to her.  Her gentleness easily wins him over and he chooses to stay at the Faerie Queen Jacera’s court in order to be near her longer.