Ends of Fate

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Name: Svar
Nickname(s): Cybarus
DOB: Unknown
Arrival Date: May 8, 2015
Company Mold: BambiCrony Vin | Leeke D 1st Boy Body
Skin Tone: Normal
Hair Colour: Strawberry Blonde
Eye Colour: Clear with Magenta/Pink Pupils
Customization: Rose-coloured, Curled Horns; Tatoos
Status: N/A
Occupation: Chamberlain
Personality: Reserved, serious, methodical, business-like
Other: Svar is Chamberlain to Queen Jacera and is a bit reserved about himself, seeking to show only his business-like mien. He does not socialize with others, seemingly married to his work. However, this is all mostly a ruse to hide his well hidden secret. After all, he is not at all what he seems. Only a handful of living individuals know who and what he really is. To all others, he is a fae with the chosen appearance of a small child. Most mistakenly believe this is due to a lack of physical and magical powers. It is rumored that it is best not to ever cross him, but those of the court are either too frightened to try or too skeptical to be bothered. After all, he is the Queen’s right hand man.