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Bah, Burried By Dollies!

So… decided I had best give a quick update!  in less than a week, much has happened and things have come in!  No pictures for now – they need to be edited.  Also, my camera’s going out T_T

First things first:  Kah’z!  I sat down and sanded his head lightly!  He already looks sooo much better!  However, there was one small hangup… I didn’t notice the sand paper going across his lips… and sanded too much off his cute button upper lip!!!  T__T  It’s tragic… /o\  Honestly, still not sure if I’m going to leave it or fix it with some apoxie.  It’s literally only like, a micro millimeter, but it’s enough that my trained eyes can pick it out immediately.  Oh well, but overall, he’s coming together nicely.  Still upset though…

I also went ahead and sprayed him and Indar’e with MSC and then blushed them to match!  I made Kah’z a bit pinker and Indar’e waaay duller.  They are almost identical and it’s close enough to make me happy.  Now to just find a body for Indar’e!

Next is to sand and repair Kah’z body. Gonna soak it all first, then sand it good.  Not too worried about details with the body, so I can do as I please!  His hand… I was given a good suggestion!  I was told by someone they never had luck with superglue, and she and another person mentioned putting metal wires in before apoxie-fixing them… and I’m so glad they did!  I totally didn’t think about it!  Will have to drill holes, but they will be stronger and better for it in the long run.  With the apoxie I’d have to sand them smooth… so good thing I’m having to sand his whole body!  It works out perfectly!  With luck, it will be completely un-noticeable.  Wish me luck!

I’ve used the last of my MSC on faceups and sealing for face-ups.  I lost count of everyone on the block, lol.  Briean and an L-bi faceplate were completely finished.  More on that FP later~!  ^_~  List of sealed heads are: CP Juri-A, DS Saint x1, Megi x2, Mirodoll Lili.  DF Zi-Luo and DM Bella Auden are sealed previously and still waiting for faceups.  FL Rona is unsealed still.  So… MSC purchase is in order!

Now, on to purchases and arrivals!

My CiG eyes order finally arrived!  Been feeling unwell this week, so haven’t contacted Lu, but one pair got damaged in transit, and another are actually the wrong color!  One or two pair I’m almost certain were given as low dome, but oh well.  Will try to send the email tomorrow.

Yesterday, my Unoa package arrived!  I ordered an L-bi faceplate and a Sist faceplate.  Afterwards, I kept kicking myself and just knew I should have ordered another Lusis while I was at it, but figured I would just do so later.  Until my package arrived, that is… I ended up with an L-bi and a Lusis!  O_O  I contacted the distributor and they are sending me the correct FP and have told me to keep the Lusis as compensation… can you believe it?!  I’m still rolling over this!  Gonna go ahead and order one Buff headback, but I want to work on finishing my own and casting it.  I may use this and the Saint headback as casting tests before working on Corshier.  All of which is still on hold anyway until well after my surgery.  The L-bi is currently resting on Mum’s Lili body.  I put the Unoa hands on and they’re perfect and staying right there, rawr~

I finally went to a meetup for the first time in years, so I took the L-bi FP with me on the Lili body. Gotta work on that >_<  Took Briean too, though no body for him yet.  Almost put him on the Mirodoll 60cm body, but put Meron on it instead, hehe!  For the meetup, I had to make something better for her to wear, so made some quick leggings and a quick dress-shirt~  She looks all 50’s-ish!

At the meetup, I bought some socks and whatnots for the little ones.  Corshier got a new pair of pants!  They look SO ADORABLE!!!! =spazzes=  And got some lace stockings for the big girl body~  Everyone still needs shoes so bad…. but Corshier got some CUTE ballerina shoes!!!!!!!!!  And they fit perfect!!!!  \o/

And then, two heads have now joined the mix!  BOTH Fairyland!  I picked up a Realfee Soso!!!  SO cute in person!!!!!  Been eyeing one for a few months now, even have a tab open for it… so bit when it was before me~  Then… and I didn’t know it… the actual Littlefee Bisou I have been eyeing since June was there at the meet!  How could I NOT purchase her when I had planned on contacting the seller soon?!  Haha!  And I almost didn’t know it!  Towards the end the seller put her back on the sales table… and that’s when I realized she wasn’t just for display.  When I told her I wanted to buy her, she couldn’t believe it!  Great way to save on shipping, the timing!  @_@  Still not sure if the Bisou will be mine or a surprise gift for Mum-mum.  I’m looking for a Littlefee for her, just got to find the right one.  This Bisou is so adorable, though…. I really think she’d like her!  And I get to continue living vicariously through her, buwahah~

All right, I think that catches everything up, now.  Just gotta work on pictures and whatnots to upload and making posts for each situation, which may take me some time.  Not to mention just how large my project list is.  =facepalms=  All right then.

Later, gatorz~

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