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Fairyland… Why you do dis to me?

Message for Fairyland:… your release of Ria has created an upheaval in my soul!  Long have I waited for a Delf Miyu for my darling Fahaun/Amira… knowing, knowing, I would have difficulties obtaining her.. yet I waited.  And waited.  And just when it seems I may finally have one in my posession… I see Ria!  And not only is she a spot on potential for Fahaun and Amira… with your grand re-opening… I could actually get her as a full doll for a little more than the price of the Delf Miyu head alone! 

But that alone would not be enough to sway me… had not her particular look embody the two characters far better than the Delf Miyu alone! I am in total and utter shock.  Ohhh, the trials and tribulations of the dollieh collector….

Why… why did you put me in this predicament!  Why, why must you play with my heartstrings soooo much?~  I will not forget this, Fairyland!  No, I most certainly will not!

/end the madwoman’s rant~


So… in summation… I stumbled on the already released Ria from Fairyland.  I missed her actually release, or else I would have scrambled to get in on a split.  Finding out that her head will be available as an option on the FeePle60 Moe Basic about did me in.  Then I realized I could also get the sleeping head and mod the eyes open just a bit and she would be a perfect Amira!  I could legit have two heads for both personalities!  I was ecstatic!  I’m not a super huge fan of the Moe body, but it is very similar to the old Delf body and would help to tie in the gentleness of Fahaun with the sexy appeal of Amira.  And, hey… there’s nothing saying I can’t sell the body later and get a fairyline body to replace it~  (Or something similar!)

This leaves me stuck with realizing that the Miyu that I still love and adore… is no longer the best fit for the character.  The amazing thing is that the Ria is still sculpted by the same sculptor!  Of all the sculpts CP has been putting out, none cried out to me to be similar to Miyu or to embody my character more than Miyu!  With a heavy heart I now acknowledge that the sculpt for Fahaun/Amira will be changed.  That’s not to say that if a classic Delf Miyu were to fall into my hands that my needy collector’s heart wouldn’t snag it just because! 

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