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Mirodoll Layaway and Alice Collections Dress

On the exciting front, I paid my Mirodoll layaway off!  That means not only is my 60cm female body for Jacera soon to come home, but my mother’s 1/4 Lili will be here, too!!!  I can’t wait until they get here.  However, my poor mother will have to wait a bit for faceup, eyes, wig, etc~ /o\  Oh, dear!  Need to buy some more MSC, but I may have enough for a faceup, just have to wait for a corresponding day off in which to get it done.

However, yesterday I stumbled on a cuuute pink dress that should fit her Lili, and the seller is even located in my state!  So I’ve gone ahead and contacted the seller about it and intend for it to be a welcoming home dress!

I also finally put in an order for the Faber Castel Albrecht Durer watercolor pencils I’ve been wanting for awhile!  I’m so happy about this.  I’ve ordered the 24 count set and an additional blue violet pencil.  I intend to add a few more colors after it gets here and possibly buy some new acrylics, but all in good time.

For now, just trying to be as patient as possible until everything ships and arrives~  =wibbles=

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