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New Dollzone 1/3 Megi

Quite by surprise, today I read the news about Dollzone‘s new Spring Event.  Among the details for the event was the news of a new 1/3 version of their 1/4 Megi, a counterpart to the 1/3 Mo they released several years ago.  Of course, this news quite tickled my fancy, so I set about looking at the listing and… all I can say is I was very much delighted!  He looks rather darling from the photos.  Very similar to his smaller version with a slight maturity to him.  He also looks rather like an up-scaled version, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was.  However, I could not say for sure how he would look alongside other dolls without further comparisons.  Still, I may very well see about getting one of these heads in the future for an “adult” version of Kah’zril.  Which also means I’d have to get a second for Indar’e… oh dear!  This is what I get for having twins.

DZ 1/3 Megi

See what an adorable prince-ling he is?

At the very least, hopefully this will give an upsurge of interest in Megi’s.  Mo’s seem to get all the attention sometimes!  If you happen to be interested in him, he will be available from January 16th until February 28th.  He’s also free if you order $500 during the event period.  Much love to the Megi’s!

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