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Oh, My Indar’e!

You read that right!  If you know me personally, then you would know how hard I’ve fought to find Kah’zril’s lovely twin sister!  Last week, on a lark, I decided to make a new WTB thread at DoA.  Now, I have done this before, but with no luck.  Matter of fact, each time someone showed interest, they only offered me brand new heads at full price of being brand new!  This does not help when what you’re looking for is an old, yellowed head.  Damaged, even, if need be…. but old… and yellowed!  Suffice to say, I’ve been feeling hopeless.  Then, a day and a half to two days later after posting my WTB thread, I got a bite…. and boy, was it a WHOPPER!  A perfect, undamaged megi head, old enough to NOT have a magnet in the headcap, head plate still intact, yellowed but decent…. perfection!  I about rolled, really I did.


Seller sent me pictures right off the bat, I could see everything was in order, so we set up the sale.  She’s home now, in my hands, and I can’t believe how lucky I’ve gotten!  Now, her color is slightly different.  She’s a Normal Pink skin.  Kah’z was from before they offered two normal colors and is sorta an in-between.  This is okay, I can just blush her head to match, so no biggy.

But she’s home!  Kah’z’s twin sister is home, and here, and together with him forever!  She just needs a body~  I had originally intended to just buy a Mirodoll girl body.  Even tried it on Mom’s Lili.  The proportions were actually pretty decent!  Then I stood her beside Kah’z….  And, nope.  More than a head shorter than him!  Darn him and his tall-ness! So, back to the drawing board.  May just have to put in another WTB thread for an old body!

Still waiting on the CiG Eyes order to arrive.  They shipped already, but haven’t updated in over a week.  Contacted Lu to see what might be going on.  T_T  So sad here as I wait!

Bought an order of magnets to replace magnets in headcaps, and got the wrong size!  However, they’re so tiny, they’re PERFECT for Tellimah!  I was shocked!  So, they’ll go to good use!  A reorder of the correct size should be here Friday.

Too many purchases, ah well, but I’ve started work on those mini paintings for Etsy.  Right now I’m doing some test sketch paintings to see what effects I want to do, then gonna whip a few up and post them right up.

All for now~

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