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Your Friendly Neighborhood Update

Been several months since the last update, but have been super busy! My whole family moved out of a house we had been in for nearly 13 years to a new house several states away! Trying to transfer from my current job and not having much luck, so also doing hardcore job hunting in the meantime.

Suffice to say, BJD things have been put on hold. I did, however, find some time to edit photos that need to be uploaded for the galleries. All my original Photoshop Actions are on a harddrive I can’t currently access, so I took a bit of time to recreate my site logo and set up some quick actions to autobatch my huge backload of photos.

In other words, new gallery photos soon!

Some months back I did also work on site layout and coding updates. There are a number of edits needing to be made that I haven’t had a chance to deploy to the core active layout. With WordPress’s new Gutenberg update, I’m going to have to find time to sit down and really hash out any bugs. Hopefully that will be all done soon.

Holy Smokes, Batman! Is that a 5mm Wire-wrapped Gem?!

I totally Wire-wrapped a 5mm Lapis Lazuli gemstone chip! That stone was so tiny, and my nails have grown out way too far and kept getting in the way… but I totally did it! I used the cheap aluminum Dritz wire I picked up that’s perfect for experimenting with and it looks good… really good! I actually did two of them and they are so small they’re perfect Barbie sized… so crazy perfect for Pukifee, Lati, Azone, Obitsu, Pullip, and Blythe!

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Pol Gets A Little Love

Still working on the jewelry to sell. My store has been out of the silver 24 gauge wire I need for nearly 2 months. The other day I got to go to a different store and luckily scored 2 packs so have been busy playing catchup today!

Yesterday I finally glued some beads and whatnots on Pol’s face for his piercings. Kinda wish the bridge piercings were a tad smaller, but otherwise I love ’em! I also wish they had been silver instead of pearly, but oh well. Maybe next time! Gonna paint them silver in the meantime. All that’s left is his forehead bone ridges. I have some stick on half pearls of different size I’m thinking of using as a base, then using elmers glue to smooth it down to his forhead. I want these temp rather than permanent, Lol!

Isn’t he a cutie?! (With wonky eyes, FTW!)