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Site Updates – 2018 June 13

Just a quick update: Fleshed out several more profiles and working on uploading more.  Have already been making gallery pages and uploading photos in the background for the past month.  Should have more soon.  Also have been working on more profile thumbnails and photos, so hopefully that will be ready shortly! 

Also made more progress on necklaces… half have wire-wrapped beads on and knotted into place.  Have to make more of these wire beads for the other half!


New Project: Hemp Gemstone Jewelry!

So, not like I don’t have a lot of projects on my plate, but I recently got inspired to do a series of necklaces to offer on Etsy. My shop has been idling since I haven’t had time to make new things to sell. My recent foray into acquiring some new gemstones for my own personal collection and desiring to wrap some of them for personal necklaces made me realize I don’t often see this for the dollieh market. Lots of glass and seed beads, but not much for real gemstones.

The process is actually going really well! I’ve pre-wire wrapped 40 small gemstone chips already, 8 different types with 10 of each. I also made a few proto-types and have narrowed down how I want this first batch to look. I’ve also got plans for future batches, so stay tuned! I definitely want to acquire small magnetic clasps, but looks like I’ll be using lobster claw or regular c-clasps for these. Since I have so many, yannno~

Of course, I’ve also contemplated making my own wire clasps.

Necklaces consist of real hemp cord and real gemstones chips. I have more than 8 types, but started with just these first. I’m currently in the process of putting them together~ Even have in-progress photos I wanted to share!  The gemstones I’ve started with are the following: Amazonite, Rainbow Flourite, Goldstone, Yellow Turquoise, Tiger’s Eye, Yellow Calcite, Red Aventurine, and Feldspar.  I also have Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, Tree Agate, and a bag of mixed and randomized mystery gems! 


Wire-wrapped pendants~

More photos after the cut!

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My Own Little Piece of a Controversy

I posted this on another forum days ago and figured that, by all means, I should post it here. Recently Mirodoll has come under fire for copying the doll designs of another company (or 2 or 3 in my opinion). They have fully backed down, removed the infringing dolls, and issued an apology. However, a very popular forum has chosen to ban an older doll of Mirodoll that has been allowed for the past four years. One, in particular, that I have also purchased. After not knowing what was going on, I wanted to weigh in, and thus the following post was birthed!

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