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Plans and In-comings

This past week has been a BUSY week in regards to some made purchases. From the top!:

  • Raccoondoll: Elf’s Gene, Momo, Nina – Queued for Shipping! (Soooon!)
  • Supia Doll: Rosy – Paid, Now for the looooong wait! /o\
  • Dollmore: FMD Thelma head – Has been purchased, along with a set of Dollpire Eve hands.
  • Dollmore: FMD Chris – Purchased from second hand market, should arrive soon
  • Barbie: Masquerade Illusion and Venetian Opulence dolls – Purchased, and arrived! They are… GORGEOUS, especially the Venetian Opulence.

And, that should catch up with the major purchases~ I do plan on adding a Resinsoul 1/4 single-jointed girl body to hybrid the FMD Thelma head. Speaking of Resinsoul, looks like I’ll be ordering a NUMBER of bodies for potential hybrids. Some highlights are the 72cm body for my Sard, Jerushe, possibly the 70cm body for my Dollshe Bernard, Thayne, 60cm female wisp thin body (lol) color-matched for the Lillycat Lyse pink tan head, to name a few.

And, of course, the dragon body for Pol, and I’m now leaning super hard on the centaur body for Khida. Was going to just get human bodies for both but now that I have more luxury, and the centaur body now exists where it didn’t before, it only makes since to go ahead and get them for those two. Khida has been a long planned girl, and I’m super happy I have her head in hand now and had planned to buy her the Rong body, but RS releasing that centaur body… and with Khida being a unicorn? Yeah, just gonna hafta do it~

We have some doll stands in, some resin eye making supplies, and a few other projects I will highlight soon enough are almost done.

Also, I TOTALLY now have a compressor for the airbrush and, so happy. It’s a small, portable unit. And crazy cheap, but perfect for experimenting until I decide what my ultimate needs are. This is going to be such a help for covering mods I have done and doing some color matching on old, yellowed heads.

Also, neon green colors on Khida are now possible. And initial color-matching, as she’s an old, white-skin head. She’s going to look amazing!

Okay, I’m done gushing. Maybe~ ^_~

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