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Sorde Dan’Viel

Name: Sorde Dan’Viel
Nickname(s): Demon Lord, The Ancient
Age: Unknown
DOB: Unknown
Arrival Date: February 10, 2016
Company Mold: CP Luts Juri A [head only] + My Body
Location: Cuevar, Aislindalie & Elsewhere
Skin Tone: White
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Light-Creamy Brown
Customization: Sculpted Horns
Status: N/A
Occupation: Demon, Duke of Hell, Dark Lord of Aislindalie, Vampire King
Personality: Sadistic, malicious, palliating, carnal, and sensual
Other: Sorde is a Duke of Hell and is the head demon in charge of Aislindalie. He is a vampire, the Lord of them all, and enjoys spreading his “children” across the many worlds and dimensions to wreak havoc and mayhem. He delights in sadism and enjoys corrupting the innocent.

When the world of Aislindalie was young, still in its dawn but Sorde already quite old, a young fae-ling, Bríean, a Child of the Forests came to his mansion one night. Bríean, a man in truth but a child in mind, was captivated by a ball Sorde held one night and was caught unawares by the ever vigilant Sorde. Sorde, delighting in the act of corrupting Bríean’s pure mind, gave in to all temptations with regard to the young man, and seduced him thoroughly, turning him into a vampire before Bríean knew what he had gotten himself into. Once Bríean fully understood, he cursed Sorde and left, vowing to destroy the demon one day. Sorde, however, allowed no one to touch Bríean, and let him be, instead choosing to sit back and watch what Bríean chose to do.

Sorde was responsible for the murder of Fahaun, delighting in the reaction it caused in Bríean. The murder was also done out of his own jealousy for Sorde had made claim to Bríean and would allow no one else to have him. He kept her soul locked away so that she could not even be reborn to find Bríean in another life. Years later, when Tyr’h came into Bríean’s life, Sorde had Fahaun resurrected to sway Bríean away from Tyr’h. This is more preferable to him because he is able to control the direction this new relationship would take. However, Tyr’h is not so easily dissuaded.