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Refreshing Some Resin

Recently, I came across a posting here that referenced using toothpaste and baking soda to de-yellow resin.  Her post also referenced a youtube video fully detailing the method.  I’m particularly interested in Shannon’s post because the BJD she used as her volunteer victim was approximately from the same year as my Vamp Shiwoo, same color, and from the same company – Luts!  From the photo, the head, a 2008 Juri, is pretty much the same color as my Shiwoo.  After the treatment, the Juri head was almost a perfect match to a 2014 Fairyland body.  How awesome is that?  Essentially the process lightens/bleaches the pigments in the resin… and with yellow being the predominant color, it’s going to be much paler than it was originally when it was produced.  I don’t mind in the least.  A little de-saturation is perfectly acceptable here. I can always blush it a bit if I need to, but covering up yellow is much more difficult.  Well, at least without a proper airbrush.

In the past I have used Oxyclean to remove a bit of the yellowing from Kah’z, but I can’t resist the amazing results with the baking soday + peroxide toothpaste + more baking soda.  Therefore, mad scientist project shall commence shortly~  I was actually about to wipe Kah’z faceup because he is loooong overdue for a new one, but glad I didn’t already do so and spray him.

Speaking of spray… I plan on purchasing at least one more can of MSC, but I have longed to switch over to Liquitex Matte Medium for quite some time now.  I’m a fan of Liquitex anyway, and their Matte Medium sealant has been calling to me.  Only thing holding me back is my lack of… ah… and airbrush.  Said item I should have procured long ago.  Ah well~  Hopefully I can purchase one before I need another can of MSC.  At least, this is my plan.

Two days ago I had a MAD MSC Head spraying party.  20 heads ranging from SD to 1/12, resin to vinyl were sprayed and sealed.  At least 6 were resin.  2 consisted of my Pullip and Taeyang ABS heads.  Some were to seal previous work while others were initial base coats.  What it means is… loads of work for this ducky here.

If all goes well, we shall be seeing new and finished works on the rise, yay!  Abrethine is the closest to completion.  I hate her eyebrows, but the rest of her is cute.  I’ve also decided on a lavender wig for her hair color.  I just have to procure the wig.  /o\

Sculpting wise, I’m about to whip together some headbacks, so there will be those.  Don’t want to fuss over them, just want them functional!  Need three for the Saint heads and one for my Unoa.  Hopefully this will be started this week!

And that’s all for now from this girl~  Will update with the results from Kah’z spa treatment after it’s completed!

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