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Sorde…. Oh, My, Sorde!

I’m so excited!  Another lucky find, a few days later, and one of my long-time-waited-for boys will be coming home!  Sorde, who’s slipped through my fingers a few times, popped up at a most unsuspected moment and is now mine!  He’s paid for and ships tomorrow and omgoodness, I’m just beyond excited! He will be coming from an original owner who has had him packed away all these years. He’s completely un-modded and has never had a face-up…. what a find!  My purely evil, wicked, cruel, malicious, vindictive, hedonistic, and all around dastardly bad guy will be here, hehe~  I had almost believed it wouldn’t happen.

On a few side notes, I also purchased some more supplies, which finally came in, but I haven’t edited the photos so no update yet.  Work has been unbelievable with over-time, so no creative timez at home. >_<  New pens nibs are beautiful and the Black Cat 4 ink is gorgeous.  Can’t wait to be able to create with them.  Yesterday I finally, finally ordered some suri alpaca wool.  It’s a batch of 3-7 inch raw locks and fiber, mostly 3 inch but it’s 4 ounces…. so plenty enough to go around with experimentation and projects.  Later I’ll shell out for longer wool.  The batch I wanted sold out the day after I saw it, so had to go looking again and chose this one.  Waiting for it to ship.  Found out my store now sells those tiny, mini hair straighteners for cheap!  Will be picking one up to use for these wig making projects.

I’m also currently in talks for a Rona head layaway for Chiaru.  Waiting to hear back from the seller, so crossing my fingers here!~

Next big purchase will be a Mirodoll body!  I came close to purchasing it on this paycheck, but went on a spending spree, lol!  Ah well~  If I don’t fit it in this month, will purchase it outright first paycheck next month.  If I don’t end up buying both the bodies.  First one will be the 60 inch female body.  I plan to purchase the optional chest piece along with it to switch it out every so often… and just in case the large chest is just too big!  This body will initially go to Jacera, but since Meron is home as well, will alternate for now.  Next purchase will be the 68 inch male body.  I’ve long wanted this body in my possession.  I also just need to finish my sculpted body… ah well~

And that’s all from this front!  For now…

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