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A Few New Additions, and Some Plans

It’s been sometime since I last updated. I’ve done a ton of backend updating and organizing, but haven’t posted about it. First of the year I had many, many plans, but then Covid-19 happened. It’s been a rough near year, and it’s taken a while to settle into the “new norm”.

So, from the top: As of January, I welcomed my first large vinyl heads into the house! I ordered directly from Parabox 4 large heads and a 1/12 one for my Sister. A Gretel, Gretel47, Laura, Sleeping Princess, and the 1/12 or 11cm Neko cat head.

Months later, as things settled, a rush of resin began~! I discovered a Dollzone/Luts Ani hybrid that I couldn’t pass up. An older, OLDER Dollzone body that was PERFECT to match with Kah’z. This meant that Indar’e was finally complete and my twins are now fully together! I’ve been so giddy with excitement over this! The Ani is floating now, but we’re smitten with her, so it probably won’t be for long~

September brought in an AMAZING special at RaccoonDoll that I absolutely could not pass up! My mother and sister got in on the deals and we are attempting to calmly wait for their production to finish and the dolls to be shipped out to us. When they do, there will be a Milk Mocha Elf Momo (mine), a Milk Mocha Elf Gene (Mom’s), and a Sweet Mocha Elf Nina. I can’t wait!

Then, right after that, I made my first official FULL, brand spankin’ new Fairyland MNF purchase. A basic New Release A-Line, Small (B) bust, with Cutie Legs Hwayu~! I ordered her from DenverDolls, along with a 68cm Resinsoul Ling for her body… which also means that =drum rolls= Eylyn is complete!! I’m glad I held off doing a faceup for her before now. There’s a slight color difference, but I can blush it closer when I paint her, so no worries. (Although, Ling is now floating, lol!)

A few days ago I saw that SupiaDolls was holding a sale and decided it must be time to make Vieve’s (Rosy) purchase. She’s now on layaway. I decided to opt for the Ballerina body instead of the original, and I hope it fits her character. The special included free shipping, free ballet feet if you bought the ballerina body, and 10% off the base price. After waiting years for her, I felt like it was a steal!

Originally, I had planned to buy Fairyland’s Luha LE. I even placed an order with DenverDoll for it! But they sent me a notice that the doll had sold out at Fairyland, so had my money refunded. I was pretty down about it. However, I noticed yesterday they’ve already added her head to the Minifee a la carte! I won’t get all the cool stuff and the Halloween event faceplate I wanted the most, but I really like Luha and am glad I can at least order her as a basic~

And then, today, a Fairyland Feeple60 Nanuri 2017 head and Littlefee Nanuri 2017 faceplate came in the mail today.

And, I’m prettttty sure that catches us up with new arrivals.

Plan to be uploading all my many images for these arrivals sometime or other~ At least we’re caught up, now~ ^_~

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