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Volks Bodies Have Arrived!

Like the title says, a shipment of two golden oldie Volks bodies arrived last week. I now have a Volks SD13 male body that has been stolen by either the Vampire Shiwoo head or El head. El, Tyr’h, needs to be taller. If it was the long-legged version, the debate would be over! Until then, they shall share. But default Shiwoo will be going back on his original body, for certain.

And, oh my lord, is it ever so heavy!!

Second, is a gorgeous Volks SD10 Suwarikko body. I honestly never imagined I would own a Volks female body, but here it is and… I’m just overwhelmed by it. While I wouldn’t have a horde of them, I could see gaining at least one more. I was expecting to put my Obitsu Gretel head on this body, with at least one other head in mind, but my Merry Doll Round Olathe who has been waiting patiently for about two years… up and stole this body hardcore! Not gonna lie — the match is almost perfect. The neck is just slightly too thick, but not enough to bother me or terribly stand out. The resin match is nearly perfect. I love that it’s slightly chunky, giving her a “thick” body type. She also came with heeled feet.

I raided my eye bin, found a temp wig that never fits anyone, and suddenly, she stole my breath away! Needs her faceup now, and I still need to decide her hair color, and get her permanent eyes in a slightly lighter and more metallic color but, just… wow!

I can’t stop looking at her~

Site Updates: Also, last but not least, I have updated a TON of profiles by adding stand-alone pages and filler prep info. For those I haven’t made quite yet, I’ve added links to company pages.

I also edited a ton of photos in the photo backlog and am nearly caught up! Soooon, soooooon!

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