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And a new year~

I am months behind in updates, even more behind in photo uploads, but getting there! Lots of things going on IRL and a lot of hobbying being out on the back burner for a little bit, but not altogether.

December saw my Youpladolls Ziya come in! Unfortunately, she came in in the wrong color! Youpla was amazing. She replaced her and even let me keep the faceup the doll already had. The faceup is lovely in person and is a nice bonus as when she came in I was so incredibly busy that faceups weren’t on the table. Still aren’t, lol! But she is here now and soooo much more gorgeous in person. I can’t express how much I love her! And she still doesn’t have a name yet, oh no~

December is also when I received my beautiful, stunning, goooorgeous Deesse head from Sickstress! She gave her an incredible faceup that we both worked on ideas for until she was pretty much, almost literally birthed. Character ideas and designs emerged as we worked on her. She will have an Ancient Egyptian influenced element to her when all is said and done. I already have some black Lincolnshire fibers in for her wig! Just needs hobbying timez ~ Also need an amazing name for her.

End of December, Migidoll had a clearance sale on all their heads. Afterwards, some would never be available. Mu was never a crazy popular head, but she’s my Eylyn! And after putting her on the wait list so many times in favor of others, I knew the time had come to nab her… and now! Today I actually got the email her head has been shipped (along with a pair of men’s hands I got). She’s actually on her way after all these years!! So excited!

That’s the bulk of the main arrival events. Last thing to mention is that a coworker had a display cabinet in one of her outbuildings. She offered it to me for free and I couldn’t resist! So now I have this stunning glass and wood display cabinet for the bebehs. I had to repaper the wood shelves and plan on replacing them later after our move (a move is in the works!!!!) And the last couple of days I have been working on benches to go in the cabinet for the dolls to sit on. Ran out of cardboard, but have the shells for two for the large sized bjd and a box set aside for a 1/4 size. One of the two larger ones has cardboard filler in it now and is drying before I cover it. All in all, it’s almost done!

And that’s pretty much it for now on this end!

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