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Jerushe is Here!

Yep yep, trying to get back into the proper updating mode, and writing to say that Jerushe is finally home!!! =cheers= Such a moment of happiness!  I’ve waited for years for this.  Heck, I’ve waited years just to see a Soom Dia/Sard in person!  The wait did not let me down.  I took box opening pictures and wanted to try him on some bodies, but only ended up switching Briean’s vamp head from the 68cm Mirodoll body and putting Tyr’h on it instead!  Ended up being more effort than I was feeling today to switch the CP Neck connector from the body out for an S-hook… but I will later!  Then, wanted to try him on the 66cm Mirodoll body but… couldn’t bring mysel take Kor off of it!

….I might have a problem, hahaha!  I definitely need more bodies on hand, but that will take a little more time yet.  IRL tough situations have arisen so some dolly purchasing is again on a stand-still.  Though, if a Lishe head shows up I doubt I will be able to stop myself.  I contacted one person selling one… no reply.  I contacted a second… they had already sold it and not taken the thread down.  =sighs=  Sis comes home from overseas in September, so I really… REALLY wanna find this head for her before she gets home.


On a non-dolly related note, I realized at some point I never uploaded my edited version of the website’s layout… =flails=  Gotta figure out where I stashed my copy, do some checking to make sure I didn’t leave something unfinished, and then get it up for everyone.  I’m also working on trying to revamp the gallery to make it easier to upload photos.  One issue I’m having is that the individual gallery threads in the backend keep re-routing to a non-existing page when I open them.  It’s a NextGen Gallery glitch that I need to dig into to debug after first trying to re-install it. All in good time!

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